The Journey Begins

Recently I saw a post looking for Moms who were training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon and interested in doing a video project. I sent an email saying I was interested. I mean I am a mom (maybe a bit of a crazy one at times) and I am training for the Disney Princess Half and I mean really training this time! I have always been one to just get out there and “run the race” with zero training. I have been told many times that as I get older being able to do this will no longer be easy to do and if I train I might just be a decent runner. So in November I embarked on my 16 week training journey. I admit I miss a few days of running here and there, but it is definitely getting better! Well, today I was emailed with directions on what to do for the above mentioned video project and it included creating my own video uploading it into YouTube and embedding it in a BLOG! “I have to do what?!” Now coming from me, this is a little silly being that I own several Internet Based businesses and I spend a pretty good deal of my time on the computer. After about 30 minutes of mild freaking out about this little project, I thought…”hmmmmm, with all that I have going on in my life, a blog actually sounds perfect”
Where else can I share my stories of being a WIFE to my very BEST friend, a MOM to the BIGGEST blessings God could ever give me…Vice President of a few companies, President of another and President of a Non Profit for women battling all types of Cancer! Oh and I can’t forget about my adventures as a Firefighter who drives a BIG RED TRUCK! A perfect way to share quite a few things….from my passion about helping new Mom’s with quality car seats and proper installation to offering big pink hugs to ladies battling cancer. Little laughs and moments that make our hearts smile with our children. All of this makes me think of my wonderful support system and how much I have accomplished in my life! My children inspire me to stay driven and focused because after all….they are looking up to me. Just like this past week when my baby girl cheered me on as I accomplished my PR at my 5th half marathon. If nothing else, that day I was teaching her to never give up!
In closing today, I want to say that I look forward to sharing many funny and sometimes sad things with all of you. Most of you will understand completely, because after all…it is….justanothermomstory! 🙂


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