The Best Mom in the Universe

As Moms I know we all struggle with “am I doing the right thing….wow, I cant believe I just said that to my child, husband etc….should I start saving for their therapy fund now, because they are gonna need it with my crappy parenting?” I am always juggling everything, someone recently said to me, “I don’t know how you keep all of those balls you are juggling in the air!” My reply was “I DON’T, shoot I drop them all of the time…heck, when I lose it I throw them at people” JK (I know you are laughing at that visual) I will even admit to a tantrum or two! You know, that moment when you discipline your child for acting EXACTLY LIKE YOU!?  Do as I say not as I do…yeah, that works…NOT so much….how much do I have saved in that therapy fund for my children again?! It seems to me that most moms today have some of the above feelings and even more at times.
I even feel guilty for working 24 hour shifts away from my children. One third of their lives they are with someone other than Mommy (Yeah…maybe I should start that therapy fund..)
My children will be 7 and 9 this year…and what I have learned is according to them I am the best Mommy…according to them, I am doing a fine job…according to them, I am beautiful and fun and I am always there for them. According to them, this Valentine’s Day, I am “The Best Mom in the Universe!”. {As they smiled and asked me if I “read the cup” and told me “we picked it out ourselves!”} I guess my point is this, as Mom’s we really are doing a great job, there probably won’t be a need for that therapy fund after all and we might as well take that money and our children and go  somewhere and make memories, because at least today, we are The Best Mom in the Universe! It may be our own Universe, but hey, who cares! 😉


Best Mom 1



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