I will always hold your hand….

Two days ago was the 9th birthday of my oldest…such a sweet, smart and funny boy! He keeps me on my toes for sure! As I sat at lunch with him today I realized that soon he would be an “adult”…the reality of how fast the first nine years have gone by really hit me. I realized that before I knew it, he would be grown and living his own life. The little precious boy that I carried in my”tummy” for nine months, and then took care of as an infant, chased as a toddler, and now ride roller coasters with as a 9 year old would be an “adult” before I could even blink! It’s not like haven’t ever thought about it before, but for some reason it was like “WHAM! Oh my Goodness” I am about halfway there! Now I realize he will always be a huge part of my life and I will forever worry about him and his sister….but it just kind of sunk in that his “childhood” is half way over! Wow! DON’T blink.
On the way to the car after lunch he held my hand…he always holds my hand, but I thought about the fact that soon this little hand would no longer be little. I said “I love holding your hand buddy, mommy is sad that one day you won’t be holding my hand like this anymore….” He looked up at me…his hand still in mine and said “Mommy, I betcha 10.00 I will always hold your hand forever!” I sure hope so little buddy. I hope that I am and will continue to be all that you need as a mommy and I wish I could continue to live all of the little moments we have forever!


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