Cutting the Cord

I know…I know…cutting the cord on a mom blog…sounds like “cut the umbilical cord”….BUT it’s not in this case! 🙂
Let’s just say after many bad customer service issues and ridiculously expensive cable bills that Comcast/Xfinity would do absolutely nothing about, I started doing my research. As the owner of an Internet business I do the majority of my tasks online. So let me just tell you what I found and how you can save your family a ton of money! Let’s cut the cord! Shall we?!
What you will need:
A Wifi compatible Tv
A Wireless Streaming Device (I use a Roku and yes it is legal)
High Speed Wireless Internet Connection
HDMI Cable (or RCA cables for older TV’s)

I searched online and Roku had quite a variety of models. The Roku Basic all the way to the Roku 3! The Roku 3 is pretty amazing and includes a remote that works similar to a Wii controller and even has a headphone set you can plug into the remote that will mute the Tv and allow you to hear it through the headphones! This is amazing for those times my husband wants to watch Tv and I want to sleep!
I ordered one Roku to start, just to see how it was going to work and if I liked it! When the Roku arrived I was pretty excited! I opened the box and read the simple, two page directions.
I hooked the HDMI cable from the Roku to the Tv and then followed the directions to activate the wireless portion. I now have access to my Netflix and HuluPlus accounts on my television! My Roku account is free. I only pay for the channels I purchase or my monthly fees for Netflix and HuluPlus. I also have the Blockbuster OnDemand movie channel where I can rent new release movies, just like I did with Xfinity on Demand….in fact…it’s BETTER!
I get my news and weather on my phone or computer. I can also access news channels on Roku if I so choose.
There are quite a few movies on the different channels on the Roku!
So….as it stands now, I am able to watch several network shows and just about any movie on my HDTV through my Roku and guess what! So far my monthly out of pocket is 16.00 yep….16.00
The basic Roku is 49.99 and the most expensive is 99.99 to purchase. It’s a one time fee to purchase. All in all, my Roku’s will be paid for by my cutting the cord with Comcast in about a month! Bye bye expensive cable bill! Comcast, you will no longer kill me in fees and expensive cable…taking care of your new customers with low cost cable, but killing the loyal customers with higher prices! My second month after cutting the cord will only cost me 16.00! I am super excited about that!
So, who’s with me?! Let’s cut those cords! 🙂

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