Friendships and Inspiration

In April I attended the Disney Social Media Moms conference! It was held in beautiful Anaheim, California at Disneyland. There are so many things I can write about, like this being our first trip to Disneyland (We are frequent Disneyworld visitors, it’s closer to home!) and the differences between the two places. I could talk about the amazing guest speakers, the food…the rides and entertainment, but I am going to start with friendships. You see, to me…this is a huge part of this conference being so wonderful! 🙂 We all pretty much have the same thing in common! We are all Moms (and a few great Dads)
This year I was able to reconnect with “The Happy Girl” I was so happy to see her sweet face!


I met her last year and she is so lovable and really makes me smile!

On Sunday we had a Run Disney event…I’m not a great runner, I can run…not super fast, not super slow…just steady! I’m a completer, not a competer! 😉 I have run quite a few Disney Half Marathons and really enjoy running through the park!
The morning of the run, I was not feeling my best, jet lag, sore back…you name it…I did however, get up before the butt-crack of dawn to go run with these amazing ladies…. NYCSingleMom joined me

Boy am I glad I did! Little did I know…that one of the most amazing memories that I would have the whole trip would be running with MommyNiri! This was her first time running a race ever! She didn’t give up and the moment we crossed the finish line together was a very proud moment! To see her so happy as she accomplished a goal, and make another goal to keep training, really made my day! You will see where we stopped to take a quick pic below! 🙂


We finished our race in cars land! We posed with Lightening Mqueen…seriously?! How cool is that?!
Cars land was one of our favorite spots in Disneyland!!!
We met our families for breakfast and posed with a few special characters! 😉


I don’t know a firefighter out there that could resist a photo op with RED! 😉


I will have more posts about this amazing trip…but this one is close to my heart…so thankful for friendships, inspiration and memories! That’s really all such a big part of motherhood…we must bring each other up and not push each other down!

I was invited to attend Disney Social Media Moms conference. I paid for the conference, but was given gifts while I attended. All opinions are my own.

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